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Calum Thomas Hood (born January 25, 1996) is the bassist of the Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. Alongside his band mates Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin

Personal LifeEdit

Calum Hood was born January 25, 1996 and attended Norwest Christian College alongside of Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford. Calum dropped out of school to pursue his music career. He is half Scottish on his father's side, and half New Zealander on his mother's side. Most people assume he is asian, though he is not. Instead he is Kiwi. Calum has one older sibling, Mali-Koa Hood, who appeared and competed on the first season of The Voice AU, in 2012. Singing American Boy by Estelle ft. Kanye West.

Musical CareerEdit

5 Seconds of Summer began when lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings, began uploading videos of himself singing on YouTube under the account hemmo1996. Michael and Calum eventually joined him and the trio started making videos together. On December 3rd 2011, Ashton joined the group as the drummer, completing 5 Seconds of Summer. Calum is the bassist of the band and contributes with the vocals, as do the other members. 5 Seconds of Summer's fame skyrocketed when Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, tweeted a link to one of their covers, gaining them 500,000 views in a weeks time. The band also toured on One Direction's 2012 Take Me Home tour, and will be One Direction's opening act once again on their Where We Are tour. 5SOS released their EP She Looks So Perfect (also the name of the lead single from the EP) which was available everywhere by March 23, 2014. Their debut album, self titled '5 Seconds Of Summer' is out all over the world. His favorite song on the album is Never Be.  The band has got another album coming out called 'Sounds Good Feels Good' which has a load of new songs on it including 'Shes's Kinda Hot' which was released on 15th July 2015. They are currently working on an exciting way to officially release the album using the website to annoy the fans again and hopefully not make them watch a guy spraypaint a logo onto a brick wall for two hours.


Opening Act: Hot Chelle Rae - Whatever World Tour (Australia, October 2012)

         One Direction - Take Me Home Tour (UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, 2013)

         One Direction - Where We Are Tour (UK, Europe, North America, 2014)

Headlining: ''Mini Australian Tour (2012)

     Twenty Twelve Tour (June 2012)

     Pants Down Tour (Australia, 2013)

    UK Tour (February & March, 2014)

   5 Countries 5 Days Tour (Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, & Italy, 2014)

  Stars, Stripes, and Maple Syrup Tour (North America, 2014)

  Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour (May 4- September 13 2015)

Social MediaEdit


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